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Leadership Development Geelong

Earlier this month, I was fortunate to attend The Growth Summit '15, an annual event coordinated and hosted by The Growth Faculty. This years' convention didn't disappoint with Jim Collins as the headline speaker, an internationally renowned leadership expert and author of #1 best seller Good to Great.

The days' program included topical presentations on leadership, innovation, high performance teams, developing future leaders, business growth and building real market value. In particular, the session with Jim Collins and his Twelve Questions was one of the most informative and memorable presentations I have ever had the opportunity...

Geelong Leadership Consultancy

Recently we engaged in some thought provoking discussion about leadership and the elements that make up a great leader. It reiterated what I had always perceived, that this question is so difficult to answer accurately as much of our opinion is based on what we individually like or dislike in leaders, coupled with the fallout of our own experiences working under some great (and some not so great) leaders. One common theme I have noticed is that great leaders seem to have a certain charisma and presence that draws an individual into their world. Here are...

​Have you ever wondered if your human resource management functions and activities are best practice or compliant, whether they integrate successfully or if they are strategically linked to your business objectives?

Then consider a human resources audit to measure, evaluate and improve your business HR functions and compliance.

Grange HR Consulting can facilitate an audit using our standard HR Audit package or alternatively consult with you to customize an audit according to your business requirements, whether it be a full HR framework or individual HR components.

Contact Us for further information about HR Audits and...

HR Consultant Geelong

Many common themes exist between building a new team and re-invigorating an existing team. Whatever the plan, it must be noted that the process is a combined effort, between the team leadership and team members with two-way communication and appreciation of individual differences. So how do we build and maintain a successful team?

  1. The Mission - A shared commitment to a specific mission helps define a team. It provides the team with a purpose and agreement on a few key points, including the work they do, the benefit for the business and what success...

Geelong Organisational Development Consultant

Do you have the perfect place to work? How would you know the answer to this question? Do you take the time to measure your employee's engagement?

It may be time for a workplace 'health check', so here are a few points to think about:

  1. Let People Be Individuals - Improve productivity and innovation by nurturing individual differences.
  2. Be Truthful and Transparent - Be honest! People don't appreciate being lied to.
  3. Invest in Your People - Look at the value your people can offer and invest in training and development.
  4. Communicate a Clear...

Geelong HR Consultant

Two projects we are managing involve building frameworks for a new organisation culture. One business has a few hundred employees and the other, only five! It is interesting to note that the small business came to us with exactly the same story - to create a successful business where people enjoy coming to work. No matter what size the business, six elements including vision, values, practices, people, history and environment are all important in creating the best place to work, and can be adapted to the needs of the individual business.

The following summarises the important...

​HR & Organisational Development Consultant Geelong

DiSC® is an acronym for the four primary dimensions of behaviour - Dominance, Influence, Steadiness and Conscientiousness.

Grange HR Consulting, a Geelong-based HR consultancy, uses Everything DiSC®, the most recent DiSC profiling tools from Inscape Publishing Inc. It provides great organisational development benefits and gives individuals an understanding of their own behavioural style and specific application strategies for improving communication, relationships and results with others of different styles.

Because DiSC profiles describe behavioural style, they are ideal tools for the work environment. While measuring a person’s personality type can be helpful, we...

​HR Consultant Geelong

On many occasions I've read and even heard dialogue around the topic 'why hire an HR Consultant and not employee a permanent HR professional instead?'. There are many reasons why companies choose to go with a consultancy arrangement:

  • Particular expertise, especially in industrial relations.
  • Saves time, as existing permanent HR personnel who don't have the expertise aren't wasting time looking for a solution.
  • A branded product or set of HR tools is required, for which the consultant is accredited to use.
  • Best practice ideas and solutions from a consultant who has a range...

If you have ever considered making those much needed updates you your resume or having a conversation about your past performance at interviews, then we may be able to provide you with some valuable advice.

Grange HR Consulting offers advice and guidance on managing your career and obtaining that next job by helping you identify personal career goals, reviewing and preparing resumes, suggesting effective job search techniques and enhancing your interview skills.

We also offer a half day Interviewing Techniques workshop aimed at giving you additional skills to improve your performance in the interview. All of our programs are...

HR Consultancy Geelong

The City of Greater Geelong is leading the third Geelong Small Business Festival in 2013, part of the broader highly successful Victoria’s Small Business Festival.

The festival celebrates the contributions that small and medium sized businesses make to our economy and provides a variety of wonderful events and networking opportunities offered at no cost or a minimal cost. Event topics include social media and marketing, recruiting and retaining staff, leadership, buying and selling a business and how to develop and grow your business.

This year, Grange HR Consulting is presenting at two events that will focus...

Industrial Relations Consultant Geelong

Managing HR in a small business poses strategic human resource management challenges. First there's most probably the issue of no HR department or personnel that are knowledgeable or experienced enough to manage it effectively. Secondly (without dedicated HR people) there's the decision to be made about the most critical and important areas for a small business to focus on. Lastly, and quite possibly the real problem is finding the time.

Outsourcing to a HR consulting firm can make good business sense with an experienced professional providing advice, support and services for range of needs including:


Geelong Training and Development Consultant

Invest in good people management practices and join us for our series of short courses to enhance your HR skills. Our programs are great for small business owners, business leaders and HR professionals. All workshops are held in the Geelong CBD and provide an interactive learning experience, participant training guides, resources and lots of fun.

  • View our current Public Training and Development Calendar

Geelong Chamber of Commerce Members are able to take advantage of a 15% discount any programs booked by 30 June 2013.

Early bird rates also apply for all...

Geelong Organisational Development Consultant

In late 2012, Grange HR Consulting introduced the Team Management Profile (TMP) to its suite of services and to support some of the organisational development work undertaken by its HR consultants.

The TMP is a personalised report, which gives individuals valuable insights into the way they prefer to work and their preferred role within a team. It highlights an individual’s major and related areas of work preference, including decision making, leadership strengths, interpersonal skills, team building and management style. This feedback helps to improve team processes and performance, leading to improved motivation and job...

After many successful years delivering our much loved training programs for businesses in-house, Grange HR Consulting will expand its services to offer a range of short programs to the general public. All of our programs are interactive and capped at 12 participants for a more valuable learning experience. The following will be available from February 2013:

  • Human resources management policy and procedure development - Full day
  • Successful recruitment and selection practices - Full day
  • Interviewing techniques - Half day
  • Position description development - Half day
  • Performance management Part 1 - Performance feedback and appraisals - Half day
  • Performance management...

In September 2012, Grange HR Consulting was privileged to attend HRIZON, the 2012 World HR Congress hosted by the Australia Human Resources Institute in Melbourne. Themes covering business leadership, diversity, skills and talent, innovation, technology and sustainability, among other topics were presented by a range of national and international business leaders.

International HR expert Dave Ulrich in particular, presented an inspirational session on 'What's next in HR' referencing key points from his book 'HR from the Outside In: Six Competencies for the Future of Human Resources'. He discussed the six specific competencies including strategic positioner, credible activist, capability builder,...

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