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Human resource management aims to improve the productive contribution of employees in the workplace, linking their performance to business goals and providing an engaging environment where opportunities, rewards and work-life balance thrive.

People are the most valuable business asset, so it makes good sense to ensure you have the best people management practices in place.

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Managing the relationship between the business and its employees does not only make good leadership sense. A legal obligation exists for a business to be compliant and provide the necessary policies and guidelines to support the work environment and its employees.

You may also have wondered if your HR management functions and activities are best practice, whether they integrate successfully or if they are strategically linked to your business objectives. Consider our human resources evaluations and audits to measure and improve your business HR functions and compliance.

The recruitment and on-boarding policies and activities of your business influences your business identity, employee engagement, productivity and performance. An effectively designed recruitment process creates a positive image of the business for prospective job candidates and makes employing and engaging new people less complicated.

Grange HR Consulting provides comprehensive employment contracts and can assist with determining appropriate remuneration according to an award or enterprise agreement, job classifications and the market. We also review and redesign pay structures and provide advice on modern awards.

Effective performance management systems are crucial to improving business, functional, team and individual performance. They create a framework to link various workplace objectives and target high performance accompanied by appropriate rewards. Performance management systems provide employees with information about how well they perform their job, agreed goals and a plan for any performance improvement.

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Process design and development ~ Outsourced services ~ Innovation and change strategies

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