Recently we engaged in some thought provoking discussion about leadership and the elements that make up a great leader. It reiterated what I had always perceived, that this question is so difficult to answer accurately as much of our opinion is based on what we individually like or dislike in leaders, coupled with the fallout of our own experiences working under some great (and some not so great) leaders. One common theme I have noticed is that great leaders seem to have a certain charisma and presence. Here are some other themes I regularly hear:

  1. Great leaders create a meaningful link between the outside and the inside of the business.
  2. Great leaders create a foundation for the business with a clear purpose and mission.
  3. Great leaders model the business' values and support a positive culture.
  4. Great leaders create and support a strategic vision giving clear direction to the work team.
  5. Great leaders allow the team to thrive and grow, removing obstacles.
  6. Great leaders invest in building a great team.
  7. Great leaders build and maintain an effective budget.
  8. Great leaders provide tools and resources that work.

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