Do you have the perfect place to work? How would you know the answer to this question? Do you take the time to measure your employee's engagement?

It may be time for a workplace 'health check', so here are a few points to think about:

  1. Let People Be Individuals - Improve productivity and innovation by nurturing individual differences.
  2. Be Truthful and Transparent - Be honest! People don't appreciate being lied to.
  3. Invest in Your People - Look at the value your people can offer and invest in training and development.
  4. Communicate a Clear Purpose - People like to know the purpose of the business and their work.
  5. Promote Good Values - Develop commitment by promoting and supporting a common set of values.
  6. Scrap The Rules That Don't Make Sense - Remove bureaucracy and don't strangle decision making.

An HR Consultancy can shed some light on how your workplace is travelling and where opportunities for improvement can be hiding.