Two projects we are managing involve building frameworks for a new organisation culture. One business has a few hundred employees and the other, only five! It is interesting to note that the small business came to us with exactly the same story - to create a successful business where people enjoy coming to work. No matter what size the business, six elements including vision, values, practices, people, history and environment are all important in creating the best place to work, and can be adapted to the needs of the individual business.

The following summarises the important considerations when establishing or re-defining a workplace:

  1. Vision: A mission statement or vision precedes a great culture and will provide the business with a purpose and guide its values.
  2. Values: The values of a business are at the core of its culture and should be communicated to all employees. They drive the expected behaviour when dealing with customers, colleagues and the community.
  3. Practices: A business must follow through with the way it provides products and services and align them to the vision and values.
  4. People: Yes, people are the most important asset and a positive workplace culture involves engaging employees to strive for high standards and performance.
  5. History: All organisations have a unique history and story that often is a core element of the culture workplace culture.
  6. Environment: Providing an environment where employees want to work is critical to becoming an employer of choice and maintaining a great culture.

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