DiSC® is an acronym for the four primary dimensions of behaviour - Dominance, Influence, Steadiness and Conscientiousness.

Grange HR Consulting uses the Everything DiSC® profiling tools. DiSC® provides great organisational development benefits and gives individuals an understanding of their own behavioural style and specific application strategies for improving communication, relationships and results with others of different styles.

Because DiSC® profiles describe behavioural style, they are ideal tools for the work environment. While measuring a person’s personality type can be helpful, we can’t really ask that person to change their personality. It is appropriate, however, for an organisation to ask people to adapt their behaviour to become more effective in the work environment.

In particular, managers and leaders become more adaptable when they understand the impact of their behaviour on the work environment and the impact that environment has on employee engagement, commitment and productivity. They learn to adapt the way they communicate and relate to the different motivational needs of the people they work with.

DiSC® can be used to benefit team relationship building, managing employees, leadership, recruitment, sales technique, decision making, conflict resolution, communication and collaboration.

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