On many occasions I've read and even heard dialogue around the topic 'why hire an HR Consultant and not employee a permanent HR professional instead?'. There are many reasons why companies choose to go with a consultancy arrangement:

  • Particular expertise, especially in industrial relations.
  • Saves time, as existing permanent HR personnel who don't have the expertise aren't wasting time looking for a solution.
  • A branded product or set of HR tools is required, for which the consultant is accredited to use.
  • Best practice ideas and solutions from a consultant who has a range of experience with varied clients.
  • Neutral advisor.
  • Cost - no need to commit to salary and benefits for a full time employee.
  • Reduction in overheads as consultants often use their own technology and resources.
  • Engaged only for work required.

If you do make the decision to outsource any of your HR services, make sure you consider and review the candidate's previous experience, qualifications, business/industry experience relevant to your business, techniques and resources used, professional indemnity insurance and of course, previous client references.

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