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Linking human resource management practices to the strategic goals of the business can be challenging when our business environments are constantly changing. Organisational development is a planned effort aimed at managing many evolving business needs including culture, structure, people, leadership and technology. Successfully managed organisational development leads to high work performance, improved working relationships and provides for enhanced organisational effectiveness.

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Organisations have their own distinct culture encompassing common values, behaviours and attitudes. Culture determines how a business conducts itself in response to the internal and external environment, and is influenced by the way employees behave according to business core values. Culture and values have a vital link to business identity, leadership, communication, cohesion and achieving objectives.

Grange HR Consulting provides advice and develop initiatives to assess and develop a sustainable culture and core values for business success.

Effective workforce planning is essential for a business to determine future labour needs. It provides clarity about the skills, knowledge and capabilities of employees and identifies the business' capacity to achieve its current and future objectives.

Following this, the structure or design of your workforce influences work flow and productivity, the division and coordination of work activities, communication and employees' behaviour.

Managing the talent in your business is a long-term commitment and involves an integrated approach including career counseling, professional development and succession opportunities. Talent management is a two way process where advice is provided to employees who facilitate their own career planning and development with appropriate support from the business.

Have you ever wondered how engaged your employee are or how your organisation is doing? What works well and what needs improvement?

We provide advice on engaging and retaining employees with effective policies and activities that will influence your business identity, productivity and performance. 

Make your strategic plan count! We guide you through the process of assessing your current business operations and environment and deciding on a structured way forward to development a strategic plan that is results focused, meaningful and simple to follow. Create your strategy with a small team or engage the entire business; there are many options to consider and we are here to support you.

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